Sunday, August 16, 2009

little beauty

Concrete tub bought 2nd-hand. covered in broken cups and bowls, mostly from donations, couple of bits from a charity sale. The kittens think I put it in this temporary spot for them to play in - they chase each other in and out and all around, and sometimes if no-one is looking they will try to sneak in for a little sleep......isn't this little one gorgeous - she's a throwback to some special cat somewhere in the family past!
Someone gave me a broken porcelain doll, so I decided to use a couple of bit. Spot the nose and mouth and a hand sticking out from the side with the yellow handle.........

Sunday, August 2, 2009

tea for one

This little tray is covered in pieces of old plates that were given to me to undergo transformation! I've made it to give a friend.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

up close

This is a selection of close-ups that my friend took last weekend.

watering hole

I made this little bowl, based on an old one someone gave me, and which I decorated and subsequently gave away. I made up some concrete and used two buckets, one inside the other, as a mould. Once that was set, part of a wooden Camembert box was used for the little extra bit. Broken plates and bits of glass from various gardens. I like how it seems to blend into its setting. The kitties use it all the time for drinking water, though one of them seems to think it's a mini paddling pool!