Tuesday, April 28, 2009

flashes of inspiration

I'm hoping to get back to visit Barcelona again sometime because I love the Gaudi mosaics and architecture. I think I would be very happy if I lived in Guell Park!
More inspiring work comes from this man's lifetime of mosaicing. It is in Chartres, and a visit there is also due. I like his work because he too used other people's rubbish to create great pieces.
“I followed my spirit as one follows one’s path (…) Before coming to my work site, I would often walk for several kilometres in search of my raw material : broken plates. The materials I found were the bases of eau de cologne bottles, medecine bottles, whathever people disdain and throw away in pits and dumps but could still be of use. I picked up that which others had rejected (…) I went everywhere to retrieve what no-one had a use for (…) Many people could do as much : but no, they don’t dare. But as for me, I took my hands and they brought me happiness. I would like to be an example”.
Raymond Isidore (1900-1964)

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MadHatter56 said...

Hi Dizzie,
A friend forwarded a link to your blog and I have added myself as a follower! I am very interested in mosaics and too love the Gaudi ones! I would also love to create floors, furniture anything really with mosaics. My other loves are painting, papier mache anything really in the craft arena! Just like being creative with the things around me! Look forward to following your projects. Sarah