Thursday, April 9, 2009

six-section story

Late one sunny Saturday afternoon at the end of March, I put the finishing touches to the path/patio. I thought it looked lovely and called for a celebration, but I was aching after spending all day on all fours once again, I'd spent the last hour in the shade, cold at that time of year, and I had all the tools and materials to clean and clear away, plus the cats were stalking about, impatient for food, the woodburner needed lighting and someone had to wash the day's dishes and cook supper - tough living alone sometimes! So the path remains 'unchristened', apart from a cup of coffee I spilled on it, and several Spring downpours and some hedgehog poo. Only a couple of people have seen it so far, and currently, only me and the cats are enjoying it! I wanted the mosaic to reflect the six concrete sections I'd laid, so I made it look like six giant panels, rather than merge them all to make one long section. This way, each section has its own character, made up on the day, and depending on what bits and pieces were available. Notice the Breton dancers in the broken plate circle - I found them at the bottom of one of the big containers at the tip, but I couldn't find the other half of their plate, so some of their dance party are missing!

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Stuart and Gabrielle said...

This is lovely work. Funnily enough I went today to Emaus get some broken plates to do my first mosaic and they're now all over the kitchen table! I also find Gaudi's work magical and want to bring some of that feeling into my own garden so, one step at a time, I'm starting with a flower pot!